Monthly Archives: December 2010

New Year’s Eve Meditation and Dhamma Talk

If you are inclined to avoid the noise and excitement that surrounds the usual New Year’s celebrations in the cities, why not do something a bit different by spending a peaceful time at Santi as a superb way to reflect over the past year of your life and greet the new one with a sense of clarity and resolution.

The program for Friday 31st December starts at 19:00 PM and includes a Dhamma talk to inspire and give food for thought, followed by meditation sessions culminating at midnight with some wholesome paritta chanting to activate faith and other energies of the mind. Of course, everyone is welcome to keep going beyond this time too.

It may also be a great opportunity to arrive even earlier in time for Dana at 11:00 AM, and make a whole day out of it in the beautiful forest surroundings here, to meet and talk to the monastics and other fellow practitioners.