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2011 Rains Retreat – Meals dana


Vassa 2011 (17th July – 12rd October) Dana Invitation

Vassa (or the Rains Retreat) is the three month period of each year when Buddhist monasteries go into retreat.

We invite you to stay in touch and continue your support during the Vassa by contributing cooked food to Santi Monastery. The reason we emphasise cooked food (as opposed to raw food) is that during Vassa, activity is minimised, and energies are devoted to meditation. Receiving cooked food means less time in the kitchen and more time on the cushion.

Fourteen people including seven monks and nuns will be in residence at Santi during the 2011 Vassa

If you are interested in contributing meals during this period there are two options.

1. Coming to Santi –

A good option if you would like to prepare a meal and personally bring it to Santi.

Step 1 – Go to our  Dana Calendar to find a free date.

Step 2 – Book your chosen date and other details by either:

  • filling in online dana form (see below);
  • emailing us your name, phone, preferred date and quantity of food you will bring;
  • phoning us and asking for Kitchen Manager

    Step 3 – Come to Santi by 10:30am so that food can be offered at 11:00am.

2. Arranging for local takeaway meals to be delivered to Santi

This option enables you to contribute a meal for Santi by paying a local Bundanoon business to provide and deliver food.

Step 1 – Go to our website ( to find a free date on our Dana Calendar.

Step 2 – Contact us by online dana form (see below), phone or e-mail to book in a date, and tell us the quanity you intend to arrange for.

Step 3 – Call a local business to arrange delivery/takeaway.

Primula cafe tel. 4883 6236 ;
Bundanoon Chinese restaurant 4883 6368 ;
Bundanoon Deli 4883 6062.
Pizza and Pasta 4883 7733


Acts of generosity lead to joy.
Joy leads to peace,
Peace leads to insight,
Insight leads to Liberation.

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

The Kitchen, SantiFM.