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One day Vesak retreat at Lankarama in Schofields

The Good Life will celebrate the 2600th anniversary of Lord Buddha’s enlightenment with a one day Vesak retreat with Bhante Sujato. 

We will pay homage to Lord Buddha by listening to dhamma talks, chanting, and meditation.



When: Saturday 21st May 2011

Time : 8.30am-4.30 pm

Where: Lankarama Temple, 35 Oak Street, Schofields.

Charge: Free. Donations are welcome.

RSVP: before 30.04.11.

Lalitha 04 0888 7119, 02 8847 3619 

Note: This one day retreat will replace Bhante Sujato’s usual monthly Dhamma talk in the north-west of Sydney. Anyone who’d like to come for just the talk may come to Schofields. The talk will be between 3.30-5.30.

Santi FM Committee – Next meeting 1 May 2011

Santi FM Incorporated’s Committee meets regularly throughout the year.

Next committee meeting

The next meeting of the 2011 Committee will take place at Santi on Sunday 1 May 2011.

This meeting will commence at 12.30pm and is expected to run for longer than two hours.

You are welcome to attend our meetings.

Your comments and feedback about the Committee’s activities are also welcome. Please contact us via the Santi Office email address.

Key Committee documents

Highlights of 5 December 2010 Committee meeting: 2010 Committee

Voting members: nine applications for voting membership of Santi FM Incorporated were accepted by the Commitee and confirmed by Bhante Sujato.

2010 Financial Statements: this meeting minuted the Committee’s unanimous agreement to a resolution accepting Santi Forest Monastery Inc’s 2010 Financial Statements.

Highlights of 17 October 2010 Committee meeting

Solar at Santi: collection is working well and Santi is contributing electricity to the grid.

Jhanathon: to date, Jhanathon donations total $1,176.

Highlights of 5 September 2010 Committee meeting

Volunteers insurance: after consideration of risk, cost/benefits and options for coverage, have decided not to pursue.

Auditor for financial statements: search for auditor who will conduct audit as a pro bono service or at reduced cost is ongoing.

Good Life Dhamma talks and meditation in Sydney: Santi FM will continue to cover room costs not covered through donations.

Jhanathon: promotion of event discussed. Funds raised will assist in construction of new kutis.

Bhante Sujato to attend American Academy of Religion Interfaith Conference conference in Atlanta, U.S.A.: followed by a visit to University of Alabama and a road trip to San Francisco.

Santipada website: Bhante has expanded his Santipada site.

Highlights of 4 July 2010 Committee meeting

Volunteers insurance: quotes for coverage discussed. Decision deferred.

Santi’s roads: repairs and improvements postponed until current building work complete; contingent on finances being available.

Santi’s OH&S policy: amended and implemented.

Harmony Community Farm offer to Santi: declined offer to take on Farm. The venture involves a massive amount of work, and is not appropriate for Santi to undertake.

Solar system installed: cost $3465. This system will pay for itself over time.

Grant for composting toilets and water tanks: Santi requested an extension of time from DECC to finish project.

Rains Retreat arrivals at Santi: Venerable Vedananda and Venerable Nibbida from Sri Lanka.

Resident community during Rains: 15 people are staying at the monastery for the Rains Retreat.

Santi finances, current balances: General $15,256; Building $4,233; V2 $20,659. Total $40,148.

Annual Report: discussed preparation of next Annual Report and securing an auditor for Financial Statements.