Kathina on the 18 th of November

Dear friends of Santi,

Again, we would like to invite you to celebrate with us one of the largest events in a Buddhist monastery’s calendar: the Kathina, or robe offering ceremony.

Program for Sunday, the 18 th of November:

  •  5:00 am   Meditation for early arrivals, followed by 6:00 am chanting and 6:30 am breakfast;
  •  9:30 am   Arrival at Santi Forest Monastery;
  • 10:00 am  Dhamma talk given by monastics;
  • 11:00 am  Offering of meal dana to the Sangha, followed by lunch for everyone (all are welcome to bring a dish of food);
  • 12:30 pm  Robe offering ceremony with blessings from the Sangha and Paritta chanting;
  •  2:00 pm   End of the ceremony.

In the morning or after the program feel free to have a bush walk, go to the big cave and meditate, or visit the waterfall in the adjacent national park, or stay on the grounds for tea and a chat with the monastics.

We welcome you and hope you will have a wonderful day at Santi. We are looking forward to meeting you here and rejoice in your goodness and friendship.


For those friends who come and join us for the grand day’s preparations on the day before (Saturday the 17 th), we have tea time at 6:00 pm and evening meditation at 7:00 pm. Next morning we will be there for group meditation at 5:00 am. We’ll have a short chanting before breakfast and then we’ll start the preparations of the event.



AGM for members at 2:30 pm.

please note:

‘Members of Santi Forest Monastery Incorporated are  people who have requested to be members and are approved by both the committee and the spiritual director. There are currently about 30 members on a list  kept by the committee. Only members can vote at an Annual General Meeting and stand for the committee. The committee has five members and is the legal body that manages the Incorporated Association and it has its own constitution. Anyone can ask for a copy of the constitution”