Kathina celebrations 2017

The end of Vassa, Pavarana Day, is on the 5th October, and thus begins the Kathina season for all Theravada monasteries.

Santi’s Kathina celebrations will happen on Sunday 22nd October.

This year, the Kathina ceremony and robe offering will be led by the Cambodian community from Canley Vale, and all are welcome to join in and also make offerings to the Sangha on this special day in the Buddhist calendar.

The day’s program is below.



9:30-10am        Arrival (Refreshments available)

10:00                  Set up dana tables and food

10:30                  Welcome and Blessing

11:00                  Rice pindaphat

11:15                  Offer food to the Sangha
(Sangha eat upstairs and lay people eat downstairs, in house or surrounds – unless raining)

CLEAN UP         (all help)

1:15pm              Cambodian community begin the Kathina procession

1:45                     Robe and requisites offering to the Sangha

2:00                     Talk and chanting of blessings by Sangha

2:30-3pm           Optional walk together (or some can drive) to the Big Cave and Kwan Yin statue

4:00                     Farewell


Download Santi Kathina program 2017