Kathina good-will

Santi’s 2017 Kathina celebrations were blessed by good weather and the good will and generosity of many who turned out for the occasion – approx. 250-300 people attended. Most were from the Cambodian community in Canley Vale, amongst whom were Mr & Mrs Kim Kou who instigated and organized the Kathina offering this year. They made a tremendous effort and raised significant support for Santi Monastery, and everyone attending seemed to enjoy the day’s festivities. Special robes and support were also offered by Khun Montila and friends from the Thai community, and as always, the occasion was well supported by Santi’s Sri Lankan contingent, who come and help out every year to prepare for this ceremonious day and gathering of many supporters.

Our Venerable monastic guests included four visiting monks from the Canley Vale Cambodian Temple, and visiting Bhikkhunis who came to help us for a few days: Ayya Upekkha from Newbury Monastery in Victoria, and Ayya Sudira from Sydney. Also from Newbury were Samaneri Suvira, Anagarikaas Nikky and Daphne, and layman Graham.

Many kind hands and hearts and skillful efforts came together to make this occasion a lovely celebration. Thanks to all for a wonderful day in support of Santi Forest Monastery and the continuation of the Bhikkhuni sangha.

For next year, 2018, the Wakista family from Dubbo have already asked to offer and organize the Kathina, and will no doubt be supported by the wider Sri Lankan community associated with Santi Monastery.

With gratitude, and with metta to all beings,

The Santi Community