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This Sunday the 26th of October is Santi’s Kathina Ceremony. Everyone is welcome!

Schedule for Kathina
9.00–9.30 Arrivals
  • Orientation
  • Didgeridoo + Welcome to Country
  • Lunch Preparations
  • Alms Round
1.00 Katina Ceremony
  • Talk by Nuns about meaning of Katina
  • Blessing Chanting
  • Kathina Offering
  • Requisite Offering
  • Thanks and Gratitude to Supporters
2:30 Tour Around Santi

Vassa 2014

Santi Forest Monastery is preparing for Vassa, the annual Rains Retreat.

During this period the community will mainly focus on meditation practice. The Vassa also known as Rains Retreat or Rainy Season is the traditional time when monastics are encouraged by the Buddhist rules of conduct to stay in one place and dedicate themselves to study and meditative contemplation.  During these three months the nuns at Santi will try to limit their external duties to a minimum. You may visit during the day and any meal offerings are greatly appreciated. We, the nuns and lay friends at Santi wish to thank everyone who have supported Santi in the past and who continue to support this precious opportunity for deep practice in the Buddha’s teachings.

Vassa starts 12th June Vassa ends 8th October Katina ceremony 26th October

During Vassa, Santi will continue to accept meal dana. If you wish to offer dana, please either:

However, during Vassa the accommodation office will be closed and we will be unable to accept guests. Bookings will open again in the first week of October.
This year there are 5 nuns, 1 monk, 5 lay women and 3 lay men staying for the whole of the 3 months Retreat, for a total community size of about 14.

  • Ven. Nirodha BhikkhuniBhikkhuni Nirodha, Co-Abbot of Dhammasara Nuns Monastery in Western Australian, took Bhikkhuni ordination at Dhammasara in 2009.
  • Ven. Adhimutta BhikkhuniVenerable Adhimutta first ordained in Thailand as a Mae Chee in 2005 (at Wat Ram Poeng with Ajahn Suphan), subsequently going forth as a Samaneri at Santi Forest Monastery in 2008 and then as a Bhikkhuni at Aranya Bodhi in 2010 (with Ayya Tathaaloka Theri as Pavatini).
  • Ven. Nandiya BhikkhuBhante Nandiya is a Kiwi Monk. He ordained as a Novice at Santi Forest Monastery in 2011, and as a Bhikkhu at Bodhinyana Monastery in 2013. He has done a great deal of work on the Sutta Central website.
  • Ven. EsikaAyya Esika, born in Bowral, first ordained as a Sayalay (10 – precept nun) in Burma in 2007 and is spending her first Vassa at Santi.
  • Ven. Patacara SamaneriSamaneri Patacara , born in Switzerland, took samaneri ordination at Santi in 2009.
  • Ven. Sukhi SamaneriSamaneri Sukhi from Malaysia, took Samaneri ordination at Dhammasara in ???

A kuti in the forest