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This Sunday the 26th of October is Santi’s Kathina Ceremony. Everyone is welcome!

Schedule for Kathina
9.00–9.30 Arrivals
  • Orientation
  • Didgeridoo + Welcome to Country
  • Lunch Preparations
  • Alms Round
1.00 Katina Ceremony
  • Talk by Nuns about meaning of Katina
  • Blessing Chanting
  • Kathina Offering
  • Requisite Offering
  • Thanks and Gratitude to Supporters
2:30 Tour Around Santi



Come and join us for the Vesak Celebration on Saturday, May 17th.

The program for the day will begin at 10:30am with Rice pindapata and offering of dana to the Sangha. After lunch, everyone is invited to offer flowers and candles to the Buddha in the Big Cave. This will be followed by a short meditation, chanting and sharing of merits.chanting flowers stupa



pindabata pictures

Dear friends,

it was a great event – the pindabata for the nuns in Castle hills – organized by Lalitha. Thank you all for joining in, either at the different stations where you were waiting for us to come along with our bowls, or at Lalitha’s house, where we finally went to have lunch and talk about meditation.

Although it rained and was cold, you were patiently waiting and meeting you all time passed so quickly that we found that we will do pindabata and meditation again.

Here are some pictures Lalitha took with her phone.

IMG_0305 IMG_0312 IMG_0302 IMG_0312 IMG_0314