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Sutta Classes now on Youtube

Hi everyone, from now until the rains all the classes given by Bhante Sujato at Santi will be uploaded to youtube. These will be both sutta classes (from the Majjhima Nikaya) and miscellaneous classes such as our Vinaya and Buddhist Philosophy classes. The video content is exactly what the class sees on the projector screen, while the voice content is like the normal sutta classes. Having the visual content should make the classes easier to follow.

Head on over to our YouTube channel to check it out:

About this website

Here’s the new website for Santi FM. Our previous web presence was largely created on googlepages, a suitably free and amateurish platform for us. But it has been deprecated and we need something better.

This site is built on WordPress, using a modified version of the Minimalist theme. The site is deliberately as stripped back as possible. Essential information is found in the permanent pages in the left menu, while we can provide updates through the posts.

I am conscious of the overwhelming and stressful amount of information on the web, and wanted to make this a simple as possible. The ‘buddhistness’ of the site is not in our Buddha images or symbols, but in the absence and space.

The color scheme has been chosen to reflect, not just the spectrum of Buddhist robes, but the rust-toned sandstone of Santi.

We are also interested in finding a way to display Pali and Sanskrit diacriticals well across platforms. We’ve achieved this through using fonts delivered by, rather than the very limited palate of websafe fonts. You’ll notice a slight delay as the fonts are loaded. We’re aware of some display problems, especially with the title font (Legendum Legacy) on Windows machines. Let us know if you have any issues. Meanwhile, to solve this problem, try using a proper OS.