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Going for alm-rounds (pindpat) is an ancient, traditional practice for Buddhist monastics. Nowadays supporters from near and far do come to the monastery to offer or prepare our meal for the day. This is followed by our blessing chant and meeting with laity and discussions after the meal if required. However from time to time we like to practice this traditional way.

This picture shows Santi monastics and the founding (former) Abbot of Santi, Ajahn Sujato on the way to Bundanoon village. Bhante Sujato made time to visit us during his regular Dhamma teaching program in Sydney. Please see Bhante Sujato’s blog for details of his Sydney teaching, or contact

This Sunday 11th of January, a group of nuns will be traveling to Sydney to attend Bhante’s course “Karma and Rebirth in Early Buddhism”.

Pindapata in Bundanoon

Bhante Sujato visits Santi

Bhante Sujato at Santi Forest Monastery

Bhante Sujato at Santi Forest Monastery

The Santi Forest Monastery Community is delighted that Bhante Sujato is staying at the monastery for a few weeks and we anticipate some teachings and guidance.

Bhante Sujato has established Santi Forest Monastery in 2003 and it is successfully growing from strength to strength (next year we will have a total of 16 long-term residents – Sangha and 3 lay-guests) and we are at maximum capacity. Therefore, much needed building works (incl. an additional sewage system) depend on your generosity. In the next few weeks we will post a detailed update of our vision for the future.