Current building projects

If you’d like to donate towards any of our current building projects please email us with details. Otherwise, any donations to the Building fund will be used to support where first needed.
All donations to the building fund are 100% tax deductible.


  • Improving kuti insulation: We are hoping to improve the insulation capacity of some of the kutis to make them more heat and cold resilient. Bundanoon whether can be surprisingly extreme… in summer heatwaves it can go above 40 deg. C, and in winter is regularly sub zero, and has been as low as -6 deg C just this July (2017).
  • Kuti (meditation hut) upgrading: We are uncertain whether we can put in a new kuti at Santi just yet, however in the meantime we can focus on upgrading/re-building a couple of old ones which have become quite run down.  The idea is to use very thermally efficient materials for optimum insulation and ease of maintenance.
  • A/C for meditation room: We are aiming to install some A/C in the upstairs meditation hall so there’s a cool place for residents to meditate in the heat of the summer. With solar panels on our roof already, these will support daytime use of the system which is the main time we need it. We will look into the possibility of a ducted option for A/C so as to keep any noise to a minimum. It’s yet to be costed, but we expect it’s likely to be in the vicinity of about $4-5000.
  • General building maintenance and repairs: Of course, the monastery has ongoing maintenance costs for it’s buildings as well, many of which can be serviced by your contributions to the tax deductible building fund.  (Other costs and daily running expenses are drawn from the general account.)


For the above projects, feel free to make a direct deposit into the Building fund account below, and if you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please email the Santi Office with your details to arrange. Many thanks for your kind support.


ANZ Bank, 322-324 Argyle St,
Moss Vale, NSW, 2577, AUSTRALIA
Account Name: Santi Forest Monastery Inc.
BSB Number: 012739
Account Number: 496177001


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