Offering meals at Santi

Daily food dana for the Sangha (Nuns)

Anyone who wishes to bring the traditional offering of food for the Sangha may do so  before the 11am meal. To book ahead it’s best if you choose an empty date; just click the link for the dana calendar to see what dates are available.

Dana Calendar

Please let us know in advance, either by telephone or by filling in the form below.

Dana Delivery

If you can’t bring dana yourself, you can call local businesses that will take your order and deliver to Santi. Some of these places are: Bundanoon Pizza & Pasta (02) 4883 7733; Bundanoon Deli 4883 6062; Chinese restaurant 4883 6368; and you can try others who are listed on this website. Santi’s address is 100 Coalmines Road, Bundanoon. When speaking to the owners of the restaurants, please specify Santi’s address; don’t just say “the Buddhist monastery”, as there are three monasteries in the area.

Dana Form

Fill in dana form if you plan on bringing or sending food on a particular day. If you have ordered food from a local business type its name under “Where are you coming from”.

We thank you deeply for your generosity!

Santi and the environment

As a forest monastery bordering Morton National Park we strive to minimise our impact on our environment. We support Bundanoon in its “bottled water – free” town campaign – so PLEASE, do not offer bottled water to the monastery. We also refrain from using disposable items such as: plates, cups and cutlery, tea light candles and other materials that harm the environment.
At Santi we have an environmentally friendly greywater system, which cannot handle harsh chemical detergents, so please offer only ‘greywater safe’ laundry detergents.

We appreciate your support in our effort to keep a green monastery.

The Spirit of Dana

Please note that in order to keep alive the spirit of reliance on alms food, money donated to the monastery is not spent on food.

Acts of generosity lead to joy.
Joy leads to peace,
Peace leads to insight,
Insight leads to Liberation.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

One thought on “Offering meals at Santi

  1. Raja Mahanama

    Dear Santi Monestry,
    We paid a visit today and really enjoyed the calm and quiet environment there. We are Sri Lankan Buddhists and this is the 1st time we have been to Santi Monestry. We believe that there are many Sri Lankans residing in NSW would love to help (donate) and pay a visit to Santi monestry. Pl. let us know how we can help this good cause in future. We would love to pay a visit again in near future specially to meditate and discuss dhamma.

    Pl. let us know that you still need this book (Women in Early Indian Buddhism: Comparative Textual Studies (South Asia Research) ) where we can make arrangements to deliver it to there asap.

    May triple gem bless you
    with metta

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