Santi Forest Monastery is located at 100 Coalmines Road, Bundanoon.
Many online maps and GPS units including Google Maps (as of July 2014) incorrectly locate 100 Coalmines Road and/or Santi Forest Monastery as being one of our neighbours properties. A GPS unit can usually be trusted to bring you as far as Coalmines Road; Santi Forest Monastery is located at the very end of the road:

When coming from Canberra or Goulburn, the entrance to Coalmines Rd is a hairpin bend and can be easily missed.

The monastery driveway is clearly signposted with a wheel and sign.

By request of our neighbours, please restrict your speed to 50 km/h on Coalmines Road.

Getting Here by Public Transport

Bundanoon is serviced by NSW TrainLink trains from Sydney and Canberra, and Cityrail trains from Sydney. If you give us a call or email in advance, we can usually arrange to pick visitors up from the Bundanoon station.

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