How Your Donations Have Helped the Monastery

How Your Donations Have Helped the Santi Forest Monastery

Drop by drop, water pot is filled.

Likewise, the wise man gathering it little by little fills himself with good.”

– The Buddha, Dhammapada

Every act of generosity is like a drop of water jug. No matter how big or small, drop by drop, this monastery is built. Never underestimate the power of goodness.

Let’s recap how your donations of money, time, and labour have helped our monastery over the year:

  • Large marble Guan Yin statue in front of Big Cave, donated by Vietnamese donors including transport and installation
  • Beautiful lawns consisting of turf and soil, donated and installed by Sri Lankan donors
  • Insulating curtains donated by Vietnamese donaors for the library, Sangha room and meditation hall
  • Fridge donated by Sri Lankan donors
  • Two large water tanks donated by builder
  • Various building materials donated by builder
  • Office furniture, including shelves and desks, also donated
  • Electronic tools like dropsaw and chainsaw, donated by various lay donors
  • Large metal food storage cabinet donated and installed by Vietnamese donors
  • Artwork painted for fundraising by Singaporean artist
  • Books donated from Australia and overseas
  • Roofing was installed over the patio, staircase leading up to the meditation hall and the Sangha entrance
  • Shade sails installed in front of meditation hall, office, kitchen and studios, which has greatly reduced the cost of heating in winter, and kept the rooms cooler in summer
  • Large carport built that can fit three cars, trailer and storage for building material
  • Sewer pump was replaced
  • Telephones and laptops replaced after thunder destroyed the previous system, and power surge protection installed. Laptops were donated
  • Costs for first-aid training and chainsaw for nuns
  • Contributions to return airfares to Buddhist Conference in Indonesia and Bhikkhuni ordination of two of Santi’s Samaneris
  • Return airfares to Global Buddhist Conference in Perth
  • Return airfares for nuns-exchange between Santi, Melbourne and Perth
  • Food ‘prepared lots of effort and love’ and supplies donated on a daily basis
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