Vassa Schedule (Rains Retreat)

Vassa commences on Thursday 30th July.

Morning Meditation

5am – 5.15am Chanting (All to participate)

5.15am – 6.30am – Sitting (All to participate). (Person on breakfast preparation will leave at 6am)

6.30am Breakfast for Sangha

6.45am Breakfast for lay residents

7.10am Breakfast clean-up

7.30am Finish Breakfast clean-up

8am – 11am – Sit and Walk

Dana Preparation

9am Commence dana prep, if NO left-overs to be used

10am Commence dana prep, if left-overs to be used

11am Lunch dana for Nuns

11.30am After chanting blessing for food offering, lay residents to commence lunch

Please notify someone if you are not intending to attend lunch

Lunch Clean-up

ALL to participate with clean-up.

12.15 – 1pm Lunch clean-up including sweeping if necessary outside the building

1pm – 3pm – Rest and attend to personal matters

3pm – 4pm Ajahn Brahm Rains Talks (for Nuns)

4pm – 6pm sit and walk (Lay Residents – please be seated by 4pm the latest)

6pm – 7pm Evening tea/juice for lay residents

7pm – 8pm Short chanting and sit (All to participate)

8pm onwards Sit and Walk

Note: Wednesday and Saturday evenings are open to the public


7pm -8.30pm – Talk (Ajahn Brahmali Meditation Sutta Retreat) followed by Dhamma or Meditation Q&A


7pm – onwards short chanting and meditation and questions on meditation can be asked by the public

Weekend lunch dana

Ayya Nirodha will answer questions upon request by the dana supporters.


Please enjoy Noble silence during this Vassa Period.


New Kwan Yin statue arrived

We are happy and privileged to have received a magnificent big marble Kwan Yin statue, carved in Vietnam, on Saturday, 6th June 2015, which resides in front of our big cave.

Kwan Yin, a bodhisattva of compassion, is a timely reminder of forgiveness, love and compassion to everyone.

We are very grateful to our Vietnamese donors and supporters and we thank Gia Hieu, Tam Ngan, and our reliable builder Patrick for the perfect handling.

For a video of the installation of the statue, click here.


Invitation to celebrate Vesak at Santi: Saturday June 13

Dear friends and supporters we would love to see you join us for our yearly Vesak celebration.

9 – 9.30 Arrival
10.30 Rice Pindabath followed by Dana and Anumodana
1.00 – Walk to Big Cave
Short Dhamma Reflection, auspicious chanting and meditation.
Short walks around the monastery for those interested.
Tea and Coffee available before departure.