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Bhikkhuni Ordination (Upasampadā)


Santi Forest Monastery is happy to announce the upcoming Bhikkhuni Ordination (Upasampadā) of Samaneri Jenti and Samaneri Sukhi on 21st June 2015 in Indonesia. Bhikkhuni Santini will act as the Pavatini (preceptor) together with the Bhikkhuni and Bhikkhu Sangha. (For your information, a Bhikkhuni Ordination requires the presence of at least 5 Bhikkhus and 5 Bhikkhunis).

Venerable Santini also came to Dhammasara Monastery for the Bhikkhuni ordinations there.

Bhikkhuni Nirodha and Bhikkhuni Adhimutta are invited to attend and be part of the ceremony. Bhikkhuni Hasapanna from Dhammasara Monastery will also be present.

Santi Forest Monastery hopes that the next Bhikkhuni Ordination will take place in the Big Cave.

This great event will be followed by the Sakyadhitta 14th International Conference on Buddhist women in Indonesia, with Ajahn Brahm and others attending.

It is envisioned that we (then 4 Bhikkhunis) will attend the conference as a sign of growth of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha and also of Santi Forest Monastery.

We are making this information available for anyone who is interested in contributing. The flight costs are around 900 AUD and the participation to the conference is 140 AUD (some contributions have already been received). For online donations, please click here and please specify "Bhikkhuni Ordination/Conference Indonesia" with your donation. Any surplus donations received will go to the expense account.

Sakyadhita Conference 2015

Extra Requirements for Visitors During Bushfire Season

During the bushfire season between November and the end of April bring a long-sleeved cotton shirt with high collar and long, heavy cotton trousers (jeans are fine) and sturdy leather shoes with fire-proof soles.
Short term overnight lay guests may be asked to leave during periods of Extreme Fire Danger. It would therefore be very helpful for non-local guests to have alternative accommodation during the fire season.
There are instructions in all accommodation rooms and kutis regarding daily and emergency procedures for Bushfire Safety and Emergency Survival. Please read and follow all these instructions.
Please also read the Fire Information for Visitors on this website.

No incense or candles are to be lit anywhere on Monastery property during Fire Season.
No Smoking at any time.