Santi Vassa Schedule

9th July – 5th October 2017

No scheduled group meditations in the morning, however all are encouraged to sit in the heated meditation room.

6:45                     Breakfast offered to Sangha and then lay people
7:40 – 8:00        Kitchen clean-up (all to help)

8:00 – 10:30     Work period (assigned duties incl: routine cleaning, community chores, kitchen roster etc.)
(Mon and Fri only – a brief meeting to discuss morning duties)

11:00                   Lunch Dana offered to Sangha, Anumodana
11:20                   Lunch for lay people
12:00                   Kitchen clean-up (all to help)

(12:15 pm)        Monastic available upon request to speak with lay visitors, after Dana.

13:00-18:00      Individual meditation time

18:00-19:00      Drinks and allowables available (optional)
19:00                   Wed, Sat, and Uposatha nights – chanting, Dhamma talk, and poss. discussion.

  • Meditation hall open 24 hours – residents are encouraged as much as possible to sit in this conducive, heated space: early morning, afternoon, and evening, until late…
    (NB: No walking in meditation hall when others present)
  • Keep talking to minimum at all times, especially in common areas.
  • Personal interviews available on request.
  • During Vassa NO scheduled Dhamma Talks after Dana.
  • This program is subject to change.


Download PDF Santi Vassa Schedule 2017


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