Santi Daily Schedule*

(*Please note, this schedule is subject to change at different times)

Early Morning Meditation – Individual choice in Shrine room or Kuti

[6-6:30 am    Breakfast preparation by designated person]

6:30            Offering of breakfast to Monastics

                    Thereafter breakfast for lay guests

7:15           Breakfast clean up (all to help)

7:45          Work meeting in Library (all to attend)

8:00          Morning duties for all…

11:00        Dana Offering of main meal to Monastics

                   Blessings in Meditation Hall (all to attend)

        Thereafter meal for lay guests followed by clean-up (all to help)


1:00pm Onwards –   Individual meditation/ practice time

6:00-7:00pm        Beverages and evening allowables in Library (optional)  


Wednesday (Open to Public)

7pm-8:30pm Chanting and group meditation / Dhamma reflection


Saturday (Open to Public)

7pm-8:30pm Dhamma talk and group meditation (sometimes guided)

Full Moon and New Moon Days (Uposatha)

           8 Precepts for Lay guests

          10 Precepts for Samaneris

          Patimokkha for Bhikkhunis

On these days there may also be group chanting and meditation in the evening (7pm)

Please see: Notes on Noble Silence and Practice at Santi


Download PDF of  Santi Daily Schedule



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