Santi Daily Schedule*

(*Please note, this schedule is subject to change at different times)

Early Morning Meditation – Individual choice in Shrine room or Kuti

[6-6:30 am    Breakfast preparation by designated person]

6:30            Offering of breakfast to Monastics

                    Thereafter breakfast for lay guests

7:15           Breakfast clean up (all to help)

7:45          Work meeting in Library (all to attend)

8:00          Morning duties for all…

11:00        Dana Offering of main meal to Monastics

                   Blessings in Meditation Hall (all to attend)

        Thereafter meal for lay guests followed by clean-up (all to help)


1:00pm Onwards –   Individual meditation/ practice time

6:00-7:00pm        Beverages and evening allowables in Library (optional)  


Wednesday (Open to Public)

7pm-8:30pm Chanting and group meditation / Dhamma reflection


Saturday (Open to Public)

7pm-8:30pm Dhamma talk and group meditation (sometimes guided)

Full Moon and New Moon Days (Uposatha)

           8 Precepts for Lay guests

          10 Precepts for Samaneris

          Patimokkha for Bhikkhunis

On these days there may also be group chanting and meditation in the evening (7pm)


Download PDF of  Santi Daily Schedule


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