Santi Forest Monastery offers the opportunity for women and men to train in a monastic setting. Accommodation is available for monastics and lay people to stay. Most dwellings are situated in quiet bush settings, providing the perfect atmosphere to practice simplicity and seclusion. Those who stay are encouraged to rise early, meditate often, practice generosity and learn from the teachings that are available here. Monastics are happy to discuss Dhamma/meditation with you on request.

Santi is primarily a monastic dwelling, rather than a lay retreat centre.

Daily Routine

Everyone staying at Santi follows the general daily routine. It is supplemented with other activities such as Dhamma talks, classes in Buddhist studies, and special events.

5:00 – 6:00       Group meditation (optional)
6:30                   Breakfast and cleanup
7:30 – 10:30     Work meeting and work (Monday-Friday)

11:00                 Main meal (finish by 12 noon) & cleanup
13:00                 Individual meditation time
18:00                 Drinks (optional)
19:00 – 20:30   Group meditation and chanting (optional except Wednesday)*

* Additional Program


19:00 – 20:30 Meditation and Dhamma Talk

The Eight Precepts

Everyone staying at Santi follows these eight wonderful precepts:

  1. To refrain from deliberately killing any living being (including insects).
  2. To refrain from stealing. (Please ask one of the nuns before taking or borrowing anything belonging to the monastery.)
  3. To refrain from all kinds of sexual behavoir in public and in private.
  4. To refrain from consciously lying.
  5. To refrain from alcohol and other intoxicants. (Smoking is also not allowed anywhere in the monastery.)
  6. To refrain from eating food between noon and dawn the next day. (Exceptions for people with genuine medical reasons. Dark chocolate, sweets, fruit juice, tea and coffee are OK.)
  7. To refrain from games, music, singing, dancing and other entertainments, and to refrain from using perfumes, make-up or jewellery.
  8. To refrain from using high and large seats and beds.


All services provided by Santi Forest Monastery, including teachings, accommodation and food, are provided free of charge through the generosity of our supporters.

To find out what provisions are currently needed at the monastery, you can call us or take a look at the ‘Dana – offering food and other requisites’ post on the main page.

Applying to stay

There are three application to stay options:

  • Fill out online application form below (preferred option);
  • Fill in a downloaded application form and email to us; or
  • Download and print out PDF application form and post to us.

Online and emailed applications will be processed and phone calls will be answered during office hours – 8am to 11am Monday to Friday.

Please know that Santi has a policy of not accepting people to stay who show up unannounced (at their discretion, the Accomodation Officer may make exceptions).

Lay people

Lay people may apply to stay for up to one month. This period may be extended subject to a procedure of a long term guest review and availability of accommodation.


Application Form-doc (Fill in and email to santiguest[at]gmail[dot]com)

Application Form-pdf (No e-mail? You can print the pdf file and then post the application.

Nuns and Monks

If you would like to apply to stay, fill in the application form for monastics and return to us.
Emails and phone calls will be answered during office hours – 8am to 11am Monday to Friday.

Please note that Santi is a Nuns’ monastery. Monks are welcome to stay and practice at Santi only for short periods.

Application form – monastics – doc (Fill in and email to santiguest[at]gmail[dot]com)

Application form -monastics – pdf (No e-mail? You can print the pdf file and then post the application.)