Applying to stay – Lay people

To apply to stay, please first read all the information below, including the separate conditions of stay page, then fill out and submit the Online Application Form via the link at the bottom of this page. Please apply at least five days prior to your desired arrival date, unless previously arranged with the monastery.

Online applications will be processed and phone calls will be answered during office hours – 8am to 11am Wednesday to Monday. However, if you don’t hear back from us within five days of applying please email to ensure your application has come through.

Before applying to stay, please consider that Santi Forest Monastery has only basic accommodation facilities and is in a very rugged environment, with summer and winter temperatures that are often extreme. You need to be physically agile and have relatively robust health, both physically and mentally, to stay at Santi. If you’d like more details of facilities and conditions, please contact the monastery directly.

When applying to stay, if possible please avoid arriving on a Tuesday, as the monastery is closed on this day for a weekly ‘quiet day’. If this proves too difficult to arrange however, please just let us know and we can make an exception.

Conditions of Stay

Please know that Santi has a policy of not accepting people to stay who show up unannounced.

If this is your first request to stay at Santi, the maximum stay is 2 weeks for local visitors, and 4 weeks for interstate or international visitors. The minimum period of stay is 7 days. The maximum period you can apply to stay after your first visit is one month.

If you wish to apply for a longer term stay at Santi, you need to have stayed at Santi before and be known to the Santi community. Your request will be subject to a long-term guest review by the resident community and the availability of accommodation.

Before applying to stay at Santi, you need to read our page Conditions of Stay which explains the 8 precepts you need to agree to keep and the other conditions which you need to agree to in order to stay here.

  • Applicants must have sufficient funds to support their personal needs, including onward travel (monastic accommodation and basic food, as offered to monastics, is shared with guests).
  • Applicants need to have at least some basic experience in meditation practice and familiarity with Buddhist principles in order to live in the monastery, so as to be able to meditate independently outside of a formal schedule.
  • Applicants should be in good physical and mental health.
  • Applicants are expected to follow the daily routine, attend work meetings and participate in work activities
  • To maintain the spirit of a forest monastery, we encourage all our guests to minimise the use of e-mail, phone, social media and the internet. The monastery site rarely gets a mobile signal, and the monastery internal internet is generally not available for guest use.

We will also need to see your identification and proof of healthcare cover before we accept your application to stay.

For Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents:
A colour copy of your passport / Australian driver’s licence or other Australian issued government identification (copy must include your photo).
And a copy of your Medicare card.

For overseas visitors:
A colour copy of your passport is required (copy must include your photo).
Proof of valid Comprehensive Travel/Health Insurance that will cover you for the entire duration of your stay at Santi.

Please send us your scanned documents of:
1)  your medicare card or healthcare insurance
2)  your identification, with your face clearly showing
via email to santiguest[at]gmail[dot]com  BEFORE you complete and submit this application.

Type in the subject line: “your name – Proof of Health Insurance and ID”.
Eg. “Lucy Lieu – Proof of Health Insurance and ID”.

Or you may post your document copies to:
Santi Forest Monastery
PO Box 132

Do not send us the Originals of your documents, copies only please.

All of the information that you provide will be kept confidential and will not be passed on or disclosed to any other person or organisation.

To apply to stay, fill out and submit our online application form

Online applications will be processed and phone calls will be answered during office hours – 8am to 11am Friday to Tuesday.

2018 Monastic Vassa (Rains) Retreat period: 28th July – 24th October

Please note: There is no accommodation for lay guests during our yearly three-month Rains Retreat which lasts from 28th July until 24th October this year. In order to minimize disruptions during this monastic winter retreat period, we have a policy of only having a small lay support team staying for the whole three months, or possibly some for a minimum one-month stay. Only experienced Buddhist meditators who have stayed at Santi before and are known to the community will be considered as part of the resident lay support team over this period of time.


Online Application Form

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