Applying to stay – Monastics

Please note that Santi is a Bhikkhuni monastery.

To apply to stay, fill out and submit our online application form

Online applications will be processed and phone calls will be answered during office hours – 8am to 11am Friday to Tuesday.

Conditions of Stay

Please know that Santi has a policy of not accepting people to stay who show up unannounced (at their discretion, the Accommodation Officer may make exceptions).

Before applying to stay at Santi, we recommend you read our page Conditions of Stay for Monastics which explains the  conditions which you need to accept in order to stay here.

8 precept nuns must wear white (or for 8 precept Sayalays pink,) whilst visiting Santi.

We need to see your identification, proof of ordination and proof of healthcare cover before we accept your application to stay.

For Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents:
A colour copy of your passport / Australian driver’s licence or other Australian issued government identification (copy must include your photo).
And a copy of your Medicare card.

For overseas visitors:
A colour copy of your passport is required (copy must include your photo).
Proof of valid Comprehensive Travel/Health Insurance that will cover you for the entire duration of your stay at Santi.

Proof of Ordination for Bhikkhunis
Please scan your Upasampada certificate.

Proof of Ordination for Samaneris
Please scan your Pabbajja  certificate.

8 precept nun ceremony 
If you have a photo of your taking 8 precepts & hair shaving ceremony, you may provide a copy of it as your proof of ceremony.

Please send us your scanned documents of:
1)  your medicare card or healthcare insurance
2)  your identification, with your face clearly showing
3) your proof of ordination certificate
via email to santiguest[at]gmail[dot]com  BEFORE you complete and submit this application.

Type in the subject line: “your name – Proof of Health Insurance and ID”.
Eg. “Ven Dhamma – Proof of Health Insurance and ID”.

Or you may post your document copies to:
Santi Forest Monastery
PO Box 132

Do not send us the Originals of your documents, copies only please.

All of the information that you provide will be kept confidential and will not be passed on or disclosed to any other person or organisation.

Online Application Form

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