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Santi the next step: a new leader appointed

Santi the next step: a new leader appointed

With Bhante Sujato leaving and Santi Forest Monastery commencing a new life as a Bhikkuni Monastery in July 2012 so another important change has occurred

Ayya Phalanyani has been asked by Ajahn Brahm to step into the position of leader of the Santi community and she, after careful consideration, has accepted this important role within the community

This change will allow Santi to continue to develop and to move forward in a positive manner

As Ayya Phalanyani advised “any change will be slow and carefully considered”

As Chairperson of the Committee I welcome Ayya Phalanyani to her new and challenging role and offer my total support

The Committee will be working closely with Ayya Phalanyani and the rest to the community to provide assistance and guidance wherever needed

We invite all those who know Santi to join with us in supporting Ayya Phalanyani as leader and the exciting period of development ahead for Santi.


Bill Stanley
Santi Forest Monastery Committee