Invitation to the first Bhikkhuni Ordination (Upasampada) at Santi Forest Monastery on Sunday, 4th September 2016 at 2:00 pm

We are happy to announce the first Higher Ordination for Novice-Nuns (Samaneris) at Santi – fully supported by our Spiritual Director Ven. Ajahn Brahmavamso.

Weather permitting, the ceremony will take place inside our Big Cave, alternatively at the main building (Vihara) in our upstairs shrine room.

Dana will be offered at 11:00 am – All are welcome!

Due to the Vassa period (Rains Retreat) the confirmation by the Bhikkhu Sangha of Bodhinyana Forest Monastery in Serpentine, near Perth, will take place there on Sunday, 18th September 2016. In order not to disrupt the serenity of their Vassa, this will not be a public event.

Santi Forest Monastery is delighted to be able to offer this rare opportunity to the following candidates:

> Samaneri Vajira from Santi Forest Monastery
> Samaneri Dhammavati from Malaysia
> Samaneri Santacari from Adelaide (Dakkhina Dhammatthala Vihara)

All three candidates have spent a minimum of two years as Samaneris with their respective teachers.

The ordination will be headed by Ven. Lieu Phap (Ven. Viditadhamma), a very senior and accomplished Bhikkhuni from Vietnam.

There will be a total of eight Theravada Bhikkhunis (local, interstate and from overseas) and two most senior Mahayana Bhikkhunis in the Korean Tradition.

Pictures and a video will be available on our website soon after the event.

Your support will be very much appreciated.

With metta and blessings of the Triple Gem,

Santi Nuns & Community


Come and celebrate Vesak with us at Santi – on Saturday, 21st May 2016

09:00 – 09:30 am – Arrival
09:30 – 10:00 am – Taking of Refuge and 5 or 8 precepts
10:00 – 10:15 am – Circumambulation of Stupa and Bodhi Tree

10:30 – 12:00 am – Rice Pindapada, Anumodana, followed by                                sharing of merits and Dana

1:30 pm – Walk/Drive to Big Cave
2:00 pm – Dhamma reflection, auspicious chanting, sitting meditation              including
Guided Loving-Kindness meditation

Afternoon tea available from 4 pm onwards.

Sunday, 22nd May
Everybody is welcome to join us in a day of silent meditation.

New Year Wishes

From all of us here at Santi Forest Monastery –

A heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support , care and services that are so deeply appreciated.

We wish you all the very best for a happy and safe New Year – good health and much joy – especially on your spiritual path.

With blessings –

Santi Sangha and Lay Community

Santi Community 2015